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Truk Lagoon



Truk Lagoon 

Chuuk Atoll (also known as Truk), in the Caroline Islands is infamous for its giant lagoon. The lagoon is the final resting place for more than 100 ships, planes and submarines. The majority of these wrecks are the legacy of a fierce World War II battle between the Imperial Japanese Fleet and Allied carrier planes resulting in the largest navel loss in history.  

The renowned dive destination is famed for being a wreck lovers paradise. If you have a lust for rust, you will find endless dive sites to discover. Nowhere else in the world are there so many wrecks in close proximity. As such the area is known as an underwater museum. The ships cargoes consist of tanks, trucks, airplanes, mines, bombs and machine gun bullets. Thousands of other artefacts including beautiful china are there still to be explored.  
The Blue Lagoon resort is located on the island of Weno and is set amongst 14 acres of lush tropical gardens shaded by palm trees, along a white sandy beach. The resort provides the perfect location for your diving adventure. The resort has 54 spacious air conditioned rooms, each room has a private bathroom and balcony to enjoy the views of the outer islands. The hotel boasts an excellent restaurant, lounge bar and outdoor bar. The sunset bar by the jetty is a great place to relax after a day’s diving.  
Blue Lagoon Resort also houses Truk’s largest dive facility, the Blue Lagoon Dive Centre. Diving with Blue Lagoon Dive team is flexible and fun. Their large fleet of dive boats means they can accommodate varying groups, enabling you to explore the wrecks at your own pace.  
They can cater for recreational, technical and rebreather diving needs with the pro-vision of air, Nitrox and mixed gas.  
If you are a lover of wrecks and history, a visit to Truk Lagoon is a must! 

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