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School Groups


The Dive Zone team is passionate about sharing underwater experiences with both new and seasoned divers. We strive to maintain a fun, supportive, and safe environment, where failure is not an option. Each year we work with several school groups from throughout New Zealand to introduce high school students to the world of dive, and progress from non-divers through the PADI certification levels. We provide students with the opportunity to gain NZQA credits while becoming certified PADI divers. 

We are fortunate to have some of New Zealand's best dive locations right here on our doorstep and use this to our advantage during training. The Eastern seaboard of the Coromandel Peninsula is home to many coves and offshore islands, as well as the Te-Whanganui-a-Hei Marine Reserve. 

Ocean access from our marina berths via our local harbour allows us to head out even when the conditions are not in our favour. From Great Mercury Island to the Aldermen Islands, and everywhere in between, we are incredibly lucky to always find somewhere sheltered with lots of life to tuck away and complete our dives. This allows us reliability to keep diving in nearly all weather conditions. 

NZQA Credits Available

We deliver both recreational and tertiary dive training, utilizing the PADI teaching system. We are able to offer, deliver, and award students with NZQA Unit Standards through our association as an audited and approved sub-contractor of Academy of Diving Trust which is registered as a Private Training Establishment by NZQA pursuant to the Education Amendment Act 2011. 

28391 - Snorkel dive in open water - Level 2 - 2 Credits

28392 - SCUBA Dive in open water to a maximum depth of 18 metres - Level 3 - 7 Credits

28393 - Navigate Underwater while SCUBA diving in open water - Level 3 - 4 Credits

28394 - Complete computer aided SCUBA dives in open water - Level 3 - 3 Credits

28395 - Complete diver rescues - Level 4 - 7 Credits

28396 - Complete SCUBA dives at night in open water - Level 3 - 4 Credits

28401 - Complete underwater search & recovery SCUBA dives in open water - Level 3 - 4 Credits

28404 - Complete SCUBA dives in open water to depths between 18 & 40 metres - Level 4 - 5 Credits

28405 - Complete SCUBA dives in open water to locate & observe common aquatic organisms - Level 4 - 5 Credits

28407 - Complete SCUBA dives off a boat in open water - Level 3 - 4 Credits

28408 - Complete SCUBA dives off the shore in open water - Level 3 - 4 Credits

28434 - Demonstrate knowledge of diving first aid & oxygen administration & use of supplemental oxygen - Level 3 - 2 Credits

32343 - Free dive in open water to depths between 10 and 16 metres - Level 3 - 7 Credits

32344 - Complete advanced free dives in open water to depths between 16 and 24 metres - Level 3 - 4 Credits

NZQA Unit Standards and credit values are subject to change, NZQA Unit Standards available are subject to discussion with Darrell regarding candidate suitability, and ability to meet any PADI pre-requisites. 


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