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Dive Niue 2024

13th to 20th July - Niue

We took a group to Niue back in 2011 and just loved it. Vowed we would return with another group one day soon. That day has come. As there is limited spots available for diving with the only dive company operating in Niue, and based on the demand when we went last time, we highly recommend you book your spot with us early to avoid disappointment.

We highly recommend the diving in Niue. With visibility frequently up to an incredible 70m, Niue is often said to be some of the best in the world. Niue is the largest coral land mass in the world. It is a coral atoll on top of an old underwater volcano which rises out of the depths of the Pacific Ocean. With no streams or rivers on Niue, the rain filters through the porous coral out into the warm Pacific Ocean, completely devoid of any silt runoff.

Because the island drops off steeply into the ocean, all dives are very close to the land. All dives are in the open ocean as Niue has no lagoon, or fringing reef. Dive sites include walls, coral gardens, canyons, arches, swim throughs and stunning caves, some with air bubbles. Visibility is seldom below 30 or 40 metres and 60 plus metres is common. Most dives are carried out in what can only be described as 'stunning underwater visibility'.

July is winter or “dry season” and water temperature varies between 25-29 degrees C . July is the beginning of the whale season in Niue – no guarantees but potentially the Humpbacks will make an appearance. The Spinner Dolphins are a joy to swim with too.

Niue - A truly magical place

Niue is a place like no other

Come and explore this fascinating island nation with us. There’s plenty to do above the water too - including exploring sea tracks, chasms and caves, rock pools and snorkelling spots.

Niue is the ideal destination for divers & non-diving partners to enjoy together

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