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Shore Diving

Shore Diving in the Coromandel

We are very lucky to have epic diving super easily accessible to us - you won't even need a boat to enjoy many of our favourite dives!

Diving from beautiful Otama Beache

Opito Bay

Opito Bay's sandy bottom makes for the perfect dive site to complete training dives. The gradual sloping bottom allows divers to slowly get depth, while checking out all of the starfish, crabs, snake eels, octopus, and other sand inhabitants!

Otama Beach

Otama's unspoiled white sand slopes gently into the blue Pacific, with views out to Great Mercury Island and beyond. A dive at Otama is almost certain to be accompanied by a school of friendly snapper. Otama is a great site for the new diver, with the varied terrain and rocky outcrop hosting a variety of life. 

Matapaua Bay diving

Matapaua Bay

Matapaua Bay - A hidden gem. This picturesque, sheltered bay lies at the end of a classic Coromandel gravel road with views South toward the Hahei coast. A great site for exploration and training alike, you will often catch rays sunbathing in the shallows, baby crays hidden in crevices along the reef, and cheeky teams of Leatherjackets coming to say hello. Shore diving has never been this good!

Hahei Beach

Bordering the Te Whanganui-a-Hei Marine Reserve, Hahei beach offers exceptional shore diving. A short swim and you're in the domain of large snapper and crayfish. Sheltered by the surrounding islands, and a short walk to the world famous Cathedral Cove and snorkel trail at Gemstone Bay, you really can dive Narnia!

Cathedral Cove

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