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Mares Tana Set



Combo Tana is the ultimate mask and snorkel combination for adults, combining the mask with the Mares Dual snorkel. A great quality combination perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts. The Combo Tana mask has an ergonomic silicone face piece and reduced internal volume. Adjustment buckles are present on the face piece and easy to use. This snorkel mask has a wide range of vision.

The S Mares Duel snorkel is a two-material snorkel, with curved, ergonomic structure. The snorkel is made of silicone and is suitable for long snorkeling sessions.

The device is equipped with a sliding snorkel holder.

The reasons to choose Combo Tana, mask and snorkel combination are:- Ergonomic mask, sturdy, easy to wear, great vision- Mares Duel snorkel in two materials, with silicone mouthpiece, curved structure, ergonomic

SKU: 10000-140

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