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Scubapro Mako Knife


Scubapro’s Stainless Steel Mako Dive Knife is an excellent all-round talent to take with you on every dive. It has a very convenient size, as it is small enough to comfortable strap to your leg or forearm, yet it is large enough to use with confidence whenever you need it.

The Mako Dive Knife features a multi-function blade: with the conventional edge you can make clean slicing cuts; you are able to saw through rope with the serrated edge; and on top you also get a line-cutting notch to handle small rope and fishing line and a bottle opener for possible after-dive activities. The Tanto tip of the knife has an angled shape and is one of the strongest knife points you can get.

Blade length: 8.9cm (3.5”)
Weight: 204g

SKU: 32-023-000

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