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Octacle Wetsuit Lubricant



Octacle Suit Lube

100% Natural Seaweed-based wetsuit lube with Aloe Vera

Octacle was born from the need to find natural and eco conscious alternatives in the diving industry. Starting off with developing a wetsuit lubricant for open cell wetsuits.

Thousands of people use soaps, detergents, and conditioners to get into their suite.  Not only can they cause spots, rashes, boils and mess with our bersonal biome, they're also proven to damage our aquatic ecosystems too.

Octacle offers a way to get in and out of your wetsuit safely and smoothly and feel comfortable whilst actually diving! In fact it actually nourishes the skin.

PLUS- No more adding chemicals, detergents, surfactants to our already struggling aquatic ecosystem.

  • No Fragrance
  • No nasty chemicals, detergents, surfactants
  • No Petrochemical by-products
  • No plastic packaging
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