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Taveuni Island, Fiji with Dive Zone Whitianga

Diving Rainbow Reef & The Great White Wall

Dive Holidays with a group of other keen divers has always proved to us to be a great holiday.  This year's trip was no exception.  Having taken a number of other trips to different parts of Fiji and found that Fiji always offers up a great holiday and dive destination, we were very excited to be venturing up to Taveuni to dive the infamous Rainbow Reef.

We decided to book with Taveuni Dive Resort based on their location being a very short run out to the reef and it being a fairly new resort we were assured of quality accommodation.  And we were not wrong.  Taveuni Dive crew looked after us so very well.  Outstanding crew, amazing meals (the best we have ever had at a dive resort) and beautiful accommodation.  We filled all 8 bures so had the resort to ourselves.

But the diving was what it was all about and it was fantastic.  The short run (15 mins) out to any of the many sites on the Rainbow reef was always stunning.  We encountered Humpback Whales and Manta Rays on several trips out.  Surface intervals were always done at a beautiful cove over on neighbouring Vanua Levu - where we could lay about in the shallows or sit on the sand while enjoying tropical fruits and cake.  

The dive sites were many and varied.  Great visibility and temperatures of 26 degrees.  Most dives were around 22 - 25 metres in depth and often we encountered current.  Highly recommended that if  you want to make the most of this destination that you hold a min of PADI Advanced Open Water.  There are shallower dives able to be done but these are not what this destination is about.  The Great White Wall is the most famous of sites with its masses of soft white corals.  Only diveable and with white corals (not brown) on a selected few days each month - so be sure to check the schedule of you are wanting to experience this ethereal dive.  You drop in down to the top of the reef and enter a swim through at around 15 metres and pop out at about 25 metres.  Here as you turn and swim along the wall you will find yourself in another world.  The white corals are simply stunning and seemingly endless.  They drop below you to a depth of around 70 metres - so its important to watch your depth.  Stepping back from the wall and looking back onto it gives an amazing viewpoint.  The many other reefs offered up encounters with Manta Rays, Turtles, White Tip Sharks, Tuna, Barracouda and the expected many varieties of smaller tropical fish, nudibranchs, hard and soft corals.  Just stunning.

Taveuni is an ideal destination for non-divers too - so don't be afraid to bring the wife and kids to this beautiful island.  It has many walks, tropical waterfalls, snorkelling opportunities etc.  And the not to be missed natural waterslides!

Rainbow Reef Fiji

Rainbow Reef Fiji


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