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The Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask is a favourite of many divers and Freedivers because of it's simplicity and comfort from a mask that has a huge field of vision, frameless design and an ultra soft Liquidskin Silicone skirt to mould comfortably to your face. The Essence will fold flat in a pocket for easy storage.

Available in Black, Khaki green and White. The Mares XR version of the Essence mask comes complete with a XR Neoprene Strap cover  - see pic.

LiquidSkin technology - Whats the difference?  Mares have used two blends of silicone for the perfect blend of structure and fluid comfort. Soft silicone moulds to your face for a perfect seal all around your face for a leakproof fit and tougher silicone holds the mask's shape so it won't distort in a squeeze. The frameless design will fold flat in a pocket for easy storage.

SKU: 411031 TAGS: freediving, scuba, snorkelling

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