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The Mercury Islands

Mercury Island Group

The Mercury Island group consists of seven islands located 35km northeast of Whitianga. 

The Mercury Islands are made up of Great Mercury Island (Ahuahu) to the west, Red Mercury Island (Whakau) to the east, and the five smaller islands Korapuki, Green Island, Middle Island (Atiu), Stanley Island (Kawhitu), and Double Island (Moturehu). Great Mercury Island is inhabited, and the rest form part of a nature reserve. Great Mercury Island is privately owned, however the public is welcome to come ashore providing we take only pictures and leave only footprints. The rest of the Islands in the Mercury group do not permit landing. 

Cuvier Island lies 15km north of Great Mercury Island, and is sometimes considered part of the Mercury Island group. 

The Mercs are home to some of our favourite diving, and offers many different bays and rocks which means we can always find somewhere sheltered from the wind. 


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