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The EOS 10RW Video Set is a complete kit for taking underwater videos and photographs. The set is very compact and lightweight and allows you to illuminate underwater photos or filming up to a depth of 100 metres.The set includes 2 EOS 10RW torches, which can be used independently of the kit as backup torches. The package includes USB charging cables, the aluminium stand to fix the camera, 2 flexible arms with connections for EOS 10RW torches.The Eos 10RW underwater torch is a rechargeable torch with 1000 lumen power. The torch is compact and very handy underwater thanks to the tubular handle and the central multi-mode button. The light beam is wide and reaches up to 120 degrees.The EOS 10RW Video Set comes in a stylish padded case complete with compartments and a zip. The camera is not included in the set.The main features of the set are:- Complete set for making videos and photographs- Compact and lightweight- 2 EOS 10RW torches- USB charging cables- Aluminium stand to fix the camera- Flexible arms with connections for EOS 10RW torches- Dedicated padded case with zip- Camera not included 

SKU: 10000-202

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