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Slippy Westsuit Lubricant

Dive Zone


Slippy is the latest in wetsuit lubricants! No smell, no skin irritants.
Easily prepared, and cost effective. A single bottle makes over 16 liters of wetsuit lubricant,
This powdered lubricant is perfect for travel, flies well with your dive gear, giving you one less thing to go and look for at a store once you land.

Slippy prevents microbial infections in two ways:
1: It does not “wet” the water so that it is able to penetrate into the hair follicles, it does the opposite, it thickens the water so that it is even more difficult to penetrate the hair follicles.
2: It provides no energy (food) source for bacteria (unlike shampoo or conditioner which are rich in oils and organic acids) thus making a bacterial bloom unlikely in your suit.

SKU: 10000-181

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