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Mares Psycho Calavera Single Backmount Set



The Mares XR Psycho Calavera Single Backmount Set is a Limited Edition pre-assembled wing, harness and backplate set that is finished with the modern XR Psycho Calavera look coloured backplate.

This versatile new product was designed to meet the needs of a range of different divers — from the traveller looking for a lightweight solution, to the diver who wants to extend their range of diving to just beyond their recreational limits, and even to the most advanced of technical divers. The Psycho Calavera is the result — a product designed for advanced performance that can easily be used by anyone.
One of the most outstanding features of the Psycho Calavera is that it fits practically everyone. The harness was made to be a one size fits all, and thanks to many simple adjustments it can be adapted to different bodies while maintaining a high level of comfort during the dive. The rear buoyancy wing offers ample freedom of movement, ideal for both technical and recreational dives.
The XR Harness Heavy Light is part of the XR line and is made for the serious diver looking for a technical harness made from durable and long-lasting components. The harness consists of webbing with 350 cm (138 inch) webbing with centre hole and grommet, 3 x 40 mm (1.6 inch) elastic loop retainers and a 150 cm (59 inch) crotch strap. The harness hardware provided are 2 x bent D-ring 50 mm (2 inch), 2 x straight D-ring 50 mm (2 inch), 4 x 3-bar slides normal with Mares logo, 2 x 3-bar slides toothed with Mares logo, 1 x waist buckle with Mares logo crotch strap, 2 x straight D-rings 50 mm (2 inch) and 1 x 3-bar glides 50 mm (2 inch) with Mares logo. All hardware on this DIR Hogarthian configuration harness is made from corrosion-resistant lightweight black anodised aluminium.
The Mares XR Aluminum Backplate is made from 3 mm (0.12 inch) 6061 marine-grade anodised aluminium alloy, this back-plate is strong, durable and provides many options for fixing on accessories — all with the modern XR Psycho Calavera look! The back-plate has 13-laser cut and laser etched webbing slots, with 8 slots specially designed for optimum positioning of the harness webbing. 2 upper and 2 lower slots for nylon cylinder bands so a single cylinder can be strapped directly to the backplate without the requirement of a special adaptor. Having only 2 slots provides enough lateral cylinder stability without weakening the strength of the spine.
The Backplate has 50 mm (2 inch) wide crotch strap slot and 15 holes for attachment of accessories. The 3 holes at the top of the plate offer a range of height adjustments for buoyancy cells and cylinders. In addition, a corresponding lower centre slot allows for lower band bolts that are misaligned. 4 upper and lower perimeter holes along either side and 4 holes along the bottom allow for the mounting of accessories and side-mount butt plate. Bended lower edges, Mares XR logos and laser cut shaped axis, highly technical pre-shape for unparalleled versatility. The backplate has an ultra-rugged unfoldable backbone and the design was pushed to limits through intense testing. The Mares XR Aluminum Backplate provides total modularity: Fits all Mares doughnut wings.
The aluminium construction renders it extremely lightweight and easy to transport, making it perfect for travel. The set also comes fully assembled and ready to dive, so it's ideal for beginning and non-technical divers.
The Mares Donut Bladder Single Tank Wing offers perfect buoyancy and trim, keeping the cylinder in a perfect position and maintaining comfort as well as a smooth left to right gas shift. The back inflator single tank doughnut bladder is built to last with a strong and durable 1200D bulletproof ballistic nylon with a 600D polyester exterior. The inner bladder is radio frequency (RF) welded black polyurethane with a heavy-duty plastic zipper and slider with elongated teeth for easy access to the internal bladder.
Buoyancy control is facilitated with the K style inflators with brass buttons equipped with an 89 cm (35 inch) low profile, round-shaped hose and its left side position does not interfere with 1st stage regulator. In addition, trimming buoyancy when inverted is accomplished via the low-profile dump valve with micro pull cord. The low profile of the inflator, dump valve and pull cord all help prevent snagging when diving in tight spaces and in overhead environments. With the dual bag design (outer shell/inner bladder) the doughnut comes equipped with 6 large drain grommets, 2 on top and four on the bottom to rapidly exhaust and trapped air between the outer and inner bags. These heavy-duty grommet positions allow optimum trim.
Tank stabiliser body slide bars keep the cylinder perfectly aligned and nest inside the doughnut's wings when diving. This extremely streamlined, very stable continuous loop shape provides a smooth gas shift from left to right. The XR Donut Bladder Single Tank comes in a 16 kg (35 lb) lift capacity. Included with the air cell is a 3/8-inch threaded low-pressure QD inflator hose. Finest quality materials, stylish, durable (resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions), lightweight and long-lasting, top-quality zipper: does not interfere with the woven textile tape, easy handling, strong and durable make the XR Donut Bladder Single Tank a buoyancy system for the intense diving community.

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