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Beuchat Redrock




Two-piece suit for intensive spearfishing developed from the expertise of Beuchat, the brand that invented the isothermal spearfishing suit. It has a new red camouflage from the fusion of Trigocamo Wide and a black frame to further break up the spearfisher’s silhouette In addition red has the ability to fade in gray with depth.

Technical Features

- Made entirely of ultra soft Elaskin X 8.6 for a high range comfort 
- Open cell interior for maximum warmth 
- High-end anatomical and pre-shaped cut for maximum comfort 
- On the 5mm pants the bust is slimmed down to 3mm for more comfort and ease 
- Back-cut – special contours on the rear of the suit to avoid pockets developing on the back and between the shoulders 
- Seals with high quality finishes, edged with smooth neoprene: better sealing, improved appearance and greater resilience during dressing and undressing 
- 360° one-piece face seal for improved comfort, water tightness and durability 
- High-strength Supratex reinforcements at elbows and knees 
- A reinforced stress pad integrated at bust level on the top provides improved comfort and better grip when loading long, powerful spearguns (to prevent the butt slipping). Pad has additional PU and is identified visually on the top 
- PreCut System (Beuchat patent) : Long john style pants transformable into waist cut pants 
- Available in Jacket with hood & Long john style pants transformable into waist cut pants

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