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Your paddle has a big impact on how enjoyable your trip will be. A paddle that is poorly made and doesnt fit you can make for a miserable day on the water, while a well selected paddle is a real delight. Personal preferences definitely figure in to your selection, How does it feel, How fast and how far are you going to paddle?  

When choosing a paddle, it is important to keep these characteristics in mind:

  • What Design do you need? Wide blades provide better acceleration, while long and narrow blades are good for paddling long distances.
  • What size do you need? - this comes down to personal preference - if possible try several different lengths to feel whats most comfortable for you. keep in mind that a longer paddle is necessary for wider kayaks, such as the mission Sit-on-top range.
  • Oval shaped shafts tend to fit the hand better, helping with both comfort and control.
  • What Construction of paddle do you need? Paddles are made from many different materials - lighter is usually better and more expensive. Typically synthetic materials require less maintenance than timber ones. Paddles can be made with a take apart joint that allows the paddles to be broken down for easier storage and transport, and allows the blades to be set feathered or straight.

We've done the hard-work for you and selected our favourite 3 paddles from the Mission range that provide the best performance for the sit-on-top kayak range:

  1. Mission Splash: A great paddle for beginners or for recreational family use. Its light,tough and suitable for the kids.perfect for causal beach and flat water recreational use.
  • Shaft: ALLOY 
  • Length: 110cm 
  • Weight: 1110g
  • Blade Size: 428x199mm 

2. Mission Taupo: The Taupo is super comfortable to use, making it great for those long distance  adventures. The Taupo paddle is Polo legal and the shaft can be split for convenient transportation. 

  • Shaft: Alloy & Fibreglass
  • Length: 218cm
  • Weight: 1190g
  • Blade Size:  430x200mm

3.Mission Waikato: The Waikato is best suited to lake and river paddling due to its asymmetrical blade. It is extremely comfortable to use and has drip rings to stop water running down the shaft and your sleeves!

  • Shaft: Alloy & Fibreglass
  • Length: 218cm
  • Weight: 1160g
  • Blade Size: 428 x 199mm

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