Beuchat Breier Fibreglass Blades



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Used by the best, for the best. Beuchats  Breier Fibreglass fin blades are designed for spearfishing with a black blade made of hot-pressed, pre-permeated epoxy fibreglass.

Team these blades with Beuchat's Mundial  foot pocket and you've got an exceptional fin in terms of ease, resistance, and performance. The foot pocket rails are shortened to allow for extra weight and to keep the performance intact on the area of the blade where it bends. 

The Blades are available in 4 different strengths depending on the type of spearfishing you are doing and the strength of the Spearo: B2 (soft/flexible), B3 (medium), B4 (hard/stiff), B5 (very hard).  For the heavier person who dives deep and has a good level of skill there are B6 available on request.

Either purchase your replacement blades on their own or buy the full set for $549.

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