Mission Freetime PFD




The Freetime PFD is easy to get in and out of quickly thanks to the extra wide toothed zipper, while the contoured shape with side and waist adjustments mean this PFD can be fitted perfectly, making it comfortable and secure.  This simple and uncomplicated PFD is perfect for beginner paddlers and comes with a handy front pocket for basic storage with easy access.

It is essential to wear a proper fitting, approved personal floatation device (PFD) when kayaking.A PFD helps keep you afloat and offers upper body protection against obstacles both above and below the water’s surface. Choose a PFD that provides a snug, yet comfortable fit. All Mission PFDs come with six adjustment points - four on the side and two at the shoulder - to provide a proper fit. PFDs with a Type 2 (ASSA 1499) Safety Standard have the highest safety rating designed specifically for moving around. 


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