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Beuchat Espadon Sport Speargun




The Beuchat Espadon Sport speargun comes in two lengths: 500mm and 750mm. Well suited for beginners. It is a versatile and durable speargun which has a compact muzzle fitted with 13mm powerbands and a standard V wishbone. 

The handle of the Espadon Sport is mounted on a 25mm aluminium tube and features a shaft with milled breech in galvanised steel. The Espadon Sport uses a 2mm nylon line. The handle features a stainless steel internal trigger mechanism, and with easy access to the trigger, it’s a reliable set up for beginner spearos.

Features include:

Compact muzzle
13mm powerbands
V wishbone
25mm aluminium tube
Milled breech galvanised steel shaft
2mm nylon line
stainless steel trigger mechanism
Easy trigger access

SKU: 163003

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