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The Mares Kaila SLS BCD is a tough jacket style BCD designed specifically for the female form to be more comfortable than unisex jackets. Comfortable and stable, yet tough and durable.  Designed similar to the Dragon, the Kaila benefits from flexible pockets and Mares' new SLS weight pocket system.
 The shape and design of the Fusion bladder combines the best parts of a wing style bladder and a jacket style wrap-around for a comfortable BCD with plenty of lift that holds you in a good position under the water and on the surface. The bladder wraps around your cylinder, holding it steady on your back without twisting or turning and also holds you horizontal in the water when the BCD only has a little amount of air in it. When you fully inflate your BCD on the surface it will hold you in a head up position. Features include: Aircell slides on shoulders for increased comfort when inflated, 50mm swivel buckles, High capacity cargo pockets with stretch panels with an adjustable cummerbund. Adjustable positioning of the corrugated hose retaining epaulette.  SLS weight system with smart trim pockets for even weight positioning and visual confirmation of proper weight pouch insertion with the option to personalize the label on weight pockets.


Material: Cordura 420
Rings: 5 x Stainless Steel D-rings
Weight: 4.4kg (Size M)
Backpack: Monoplate
Weightsystem Capacity: XXS-S:4kg  M-L:6kg

SKU: 417363-4 TAGS: scuba, ladies

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