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Mission 3 Gauge



The Mares Mission 3 Gauge is an analog console with a pressure gauge depth gauge and a compact compass that is angled for optimal reading. The Mission 3 has a shock resistant case with mounting points all over it to clip it to a D-Ring. The Mission 3 can also be upgraded to a Mares Puck computer simply by switching out the module.

Linear colour coded phosphorescent faces display information easily even in the dark as a simply flash of a torch will charge it up so you can read them in them at night.

pressure gauge 

* brass case 

* technopolymer window

* phosphorescent dial face 

Depth gauge 

* oil bath 

* phosphorescent dial face 

*max depth indicator 

*linear scale 


* oil bath 

* side view window 


* protective rubber cover with multiple attachment points 

SKU: 414419 TAG: scuba

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