Beuchat Mens Semi Dry 6.5mm SMALL



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  • Anatomical cut
  • Quality design and know-how from Beuchat, the inventor of the modern diving suit
  • Special exclusive pattern designed in France
  • New Beuchat cut specially designed to make for a flexible and comfortable suit with liquid PU seams
  • Pre-formed to fit the curvature of the lower back and crotch for a snug fitting suit
  • High quality
  • Beuchat finish
  • Beuchat quality and craftsmanship embodied in meticulous detailing and finish
  • Neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge with liquid PU outer coating and internal/external overlock.
  • Maximum ease of movement in diving
  • Zipper position designed to allow maximum ease of movement for the arms during the dive, offering more comfort and less restriction
  • Front zipper enables divers to dress without assistance, offers more flexibility and avoids back discomfort
  • Easy access and handling for your own gear and that of your partner
  • Watertight flexible plastic arm-to-arm front 
  • TiZiP fastener makes for easier dressing/undressing and greater comfort during the dive.
  • Extra comfor
  • tUltra-soft Elaskin neoprene for improved comfort and greater ease of movement
  • Thinner seamless single-piece face seals (-1 mm) for optimum comfort
  • Edged cuffs
  • Easy Wave System at ankles and wrists
  • High thermal protection
  • Tizip Master
  • Seal 10 dry plastic zipper
  • Enhanced water tightness with liquid seal
  • Fireskin 2 for maximum warmth
  • Easy Wave System inner seals for the forearms and shins with smooth fitting cuffs that seat themselves automatically during dressing360° face seal
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