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Our Deluxe complete gear package is a full set of Dive gear carefully selected by our staff to suit the more advanced Scuba Diver in your life. This package includes  some  of the gear that we use in our Hire Center, chosen for its durability, reliability and ease of use. Our Womens Deluxe Package can be found here: https://customer-mmqh.rocketspark.co.nz/shop/product/419473/Dive-Zone-Deluxe-Package-Womens/

The Package includes:

Mares Dragon or Kaila BCD: These BCDS are specifically designed for the Male (Dragon), and Female (Kaila) forms to ensure a streamlined fit. With SLS integrated weight system, Smart trim weight pockets positioning, swivel buckles and many more features provide a superbly comfortable BCD that is used and favored by our instructors. This comes complete with upto 10kgs of lead weight.

 Mares Dual Adjustable 52x Regulator and Mares Dual adjustable Octi:  Designed for those looking for performance and reliability at a competitive price.This brand-new 2nd stage constructed of a new technopolymer is ultralight and highly resistant to wear. The Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) featured in all Mares regulators allows for dynamic airflow, ensuring natural breathing at any depth. The large purge button is made of two materials; an elastic technopolymer ensuring durability and easy use. Its matching Octi  is a lightweight companion with an over sized purge button and superflex hose.

Mares Puck Air integrated Computer: Used at Dive Zone Whitianga, The Puck dive computer is sleek, reliable, ergonomic and easy-to-use. With a sporty and functional design, it includes all the information a diver needs! Used in all mares consoles, the Puck computer features an easy, 1 button system, user friendly battery change, alarms, time, watch-display settings such as contrast, PC link, logbook, planning and even access to the computers serial number are accessed this way.You can leave the unit set for air, for nitrox or simply use it as a bottom-timer and depth-gauge. There are three variations of a personal adjustment to make the program more cautious. All displayed on an easy-to-read screen.

Mares Quattro fins and Classic Booties: Efficient and responsive, the Mares Quattro fin gives you all the power you need, Hi-flex material optimizes the blade‚Äôs efficiency and its 4 channels provide greater thrusting power. Equipped with the Mares Bunjee strap this fin is the preferred option with our staff here at Dive Zone. Teamed with The Mares classic boot for the ultimate comfort. soft, flexible yet hardy sole, these provide 5mm of thermal protection  for when you need it most.

Mares X-Vision Mask & Ergo Flex Snorkel: The most incredible, wide field of vision in a mask available. Super soft silicone seals, quick-adjust ergonomic buckles, wide head strap and small ribs around the nose to help relieve pressure ensure the wearer a comfortable experience you are sure to love. Its accompanying snorkel is ergonomically  designed for the wearers comfort ability, this snorkel features a semi dry-top, flexi-hose and moveable snorkel keeper.

Mares Flexa 8-6-5 Wetsuit with Amara Gloves: Mares warmest 1 peice on the market. Varied thicknesses strategically placed in different areas of the body help to provide the ultimate close fit and thermal protection where you need it most. The soft, ergonomic closure ensures an easy donning on-off.  The Shoulder and back have had an additional layer of neoprene stiched inside for added comfort when wearing a tank. New to the Flexa Suit is the Smart pocket (sold separately) that can be easily attached to the leg thanks to the buckle provided on the wetsuit, also suitable to hang your hood. Instrument grips on both wrists complete this feature-packed wetsuit. Accompanied by Mares Amara gloves for greater thermal protection.

This complete package comes all wrapped up in a Mares Attack 100 Gear bag

These packages are able to be customised to suit- so if there is a piece of gear you've had your eye on, just let us know. 

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