Beuchat AL3 LED Torch



This smart looking compact torch kicks out 300 Lumens in it's tight spot light that will cut through the gloom to light up the reef looking for goodies or signalling a buddy. Small enough to store in your BC pocket and thanks to the magnetic slide switch the AL3 is easy to use with gloves on.


  1. Anodised aluminium body 
  2. Compact (length 122mm)
  3. Variable intensity: Magnetic variable intensity switch 
  4. Maximum light flux: 300 lumens / 15 000 LuxBurn time: 1h at 100% power/ 24h at minimum power
  5. Maximum range of beam (in air): 240m
  6. Maximum operating depth: 100 metres
  7. Totally watertight magnetic on/off switch
  8. Weight with batteries 179gm 
  9. Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
SKU: 342138

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