Fourth Element Thermocline Hooded vest

Fourth Element



An estimated 8 million tons of rubbish per year enters our seas. Dumped into our oceans daily, this threatens marine life, pollutes beaches and affects local tourism industries. Imagine if below the water there was no more coral reef to explore, unique plants are dying out, wildlife is scarce and, in some cases, becoming extinct.
Being ‘Ocean Positive’ stems from not just what we do in the ocean but also what we do in our everyday lives. From the garments produced to the packaging they are in and the projects that we support along the way, everything we do leads to ensuring a more sustainable business that is good for the ocean.

The Thermocline Lightweight Hooded Vest with Thermal Performance is Equivalent to wearing 2mm of Neoprene and teamed with the windproofing technology within the vest, this is the perfect addition in those colder months or by itself in those tropical conditions. 

 The Perfect Choice for an Extra Layer of Core Thermal Protection under a Wetsuit.   Available in a Men's and Woman's cut

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