Mission Quest PFD




The Quest PFD has all the pockets and attachments you could want or need including a front pocket with key clip, i-pod portal and a 1.5L water bladder as standard. It also comes with a D-ring attachment, lanyard along with reflective patches and piping to make sure you stay safe on your next kayaking quest. 

It is essential to wear a proper fitting, approved personal floatation device (PFD) when kayaking

A PFD helps keep you afloat and offers upper body protection against obstacles both above and below the water’s surface. Choose a PFD that provides a snug, yet comfortable fit. All Mission PFDs come with six adjustment points - four on the side and two at the shoulder - to provide a proper fit. PFDs with a Type 2 (ASSA 1499) Safety Standard have the highest safety rating designed specifically for moving around.

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