RoyPow Jump Starter



Get powered.Get Inspired.

The RoyPow J24 Battery Charger is so much more than just a jump starter. It Intelligently identifies with 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles, and is equipped with incredible power 1600A for 12V and 800A for 24v batteries. 

The RoyPow J24 has enough power to Jump start Trucks, Buses, Cars, Boats etc. As well as a power supply for Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, MP3/4 etc.  

Multiple protections ensure safe operation: Mistake proof and Spark Proof, Reverse Polarity protection, short circuit and reverse charge protection, under voltage and over current protection, over temperature protection. The heavy duty clamps have a unique and ultra-safe design

Equipped with a powerful torch, emergency light, and dual USB Ports. The RoyPow is everything you didnt know you needed any more! Perfect for that person who has everything.

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