Roypow 12v Battery Pack



Get Powered. Get Inspired.

The Roy Pow J12 Battery pack  features a 12000 mAh battery, and can jump start up to a 4.5-litre engine car at least 20 times on a full charge.The RoyPow Battery Pack can  also jump start boats, trucks, caravans, motorcycles and more. 

While there are many other car jump starters that are literally just that, a jump starter; the RoyPow J12 is all of that and more. Two USB 2.1 ports enable you to charge a whole range of devices, including smartphones and tablets.  A powerful torch with 2 flash options and  a compass located at the end. The device also has an auto power off feature, which detects when a device has been fully charged, to help in preventing damage to your devices.

Great in Emergencies and powercuts, The Roy Pow comes in compact, handy carry case. Perfect for that person who has everything, your nana or anyone who owns a car....even if you dont think you'll need it.

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