Mares EOS 20rz Torch



One Torch, Many Functions

The Mares EOS 20rz Torch is a powerful and flexible primary torch with a rechargeable battery and an incredibly powerful 2.3k lumens with an adjustable beam angle.
 The head can be adjusted from the standard beam to tight spot-light beam to a wide flood-light so you can either illuminate a whole scene evenly or focus all of your light into one small area.
The magnetic switch changes the amount of light that comes out of the torch from 100% down to 50% and an emergency strobe function. So while you have the option to use the full 2.3k lumens you can save battery life and still see what you're doing by adjusting the power setting easily.
The 20 rz has a removable rechargeable battery that you can charge from inside the torch from a USB cable or swap over for another battery, not included, so you don't have to miss a dive. With a burn time of 105minutes and a max depth of 120m, the Mares 20rz has everything and more!

Pair with the Soft Goodman Handle: https://customer-mmqh.rocketsp...  

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