Mares Smart Apnea Watch



The Mares Smart Apnea represents the evolution of the Nemo Apneist. Packed with features in to this simple design, the Mares Smart Apnea is fast becoming the benchmark dive computer for the most demanding Spearos and Freedivers.  Download all of your Dive info easily by connecting the Mares Divelink (Picture 2) found here:

Features include:

  1. Managing and accessing all functionality is now a breeze, thanks to new improved software and two control buttons.
  2. Instant depth information, dive time, water temperature, descent and ascent speeds, can all be viewed on the display during dives.
  3. Recovery time is always visible while preparing on the surface, a critical function for planning a safe dive.
  4. Programmable alarms: (depth, time, recovery, speed, hydration, etc.) Expanded memory capacity stores up to 9 dive sessions; while reading and data sampling every second.
  5. The data stored for each individual dive is easy to review, allowing for precise planning of each Dive for recreation, competition, or training.
  6. LCD segmented display and scratch-resistant mineral glass provides exceptional visibility and reading.
  7. A new advanced-performance microprocessor combined with the latest generation depth sensor, optimize battery consumption.
  8. Maximum operating depth 150 m.
  9. Colors: black-orange, black-grey
  10. Max Displayed Depth: 150m Battery
  11. Power Indicator: Yes
  12. Lithium Battery: Yes
  13. Plan Mode: Yes
  14. Choice of Metrical/Imperial Units: Yes
  15. Fresh and Seawater Settings: Yes
  16. Residual Nitrogen Reset: Yes
  17. Option to exclude audible alarms: Yes
  18. Exclusion of "Uncontrolled Ascent": Yes
  19. Ascent Rate Indicator: Yes
  20. Ascent Rate Digital Indicator (m/min - ft/min): Yes
  21. Altitude Adjustment: Yes

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