Beuchat Marlin Carbone HD Speargun




A Close collaboration between Beuchat International and Marc Antoine Berry has resulted in the creation of this truly Revolutionary speargun. The main objectives were power, manoeuvrability, easy loading and no recoil when shooting. In order to achieve this, every part of the Speargun was analysed, and modifyed for maximum performance! A speargun that can be used for Blue Water Hunting in the morning, and reef fishing in the afternoon!

  1. High performance carbon barrel with optimized rigidity, buoyancy and movement in the water
  2. Tapered carbon barrel: 38 oval barrel at the grip and 28mm diameter circle at the muzzle
  3. High range Marlin pistol grip with reel bracket and reversible right/left stainless steel line release
  4. Head with fast lock system for QRS spear
  5. 7mm stainless steel Tahitian shaft with a triface cut tip, 2 or 3 fins and 1 barb
  6. 2x 16mm sling
  7. Dyneema wishbone
  8. Competition line kit
  9. Offshore Shock absorber
  10. Available lengths (cm): 95 / 105 / 115 / 125
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