Mares Sniper Pro Gun




The Sniper Pro is a new sling gun speargun from Mares. The Ergonomic handle mimics the shape used on the Viper Pro, bringing simplicity, functionality and reliability to every spearfishing expedition. With it's meticulous design and technical solutions, the Sniper Pro not only elevates your performance but is the best value for money on such a high end premium weapon. Available in 75cm, 95cm and 110cm lengths.

Features Include:

  1. ■ Rigid anodized aluminium barrel with upper shaft guide and lower line guide
  2. ■ Compact muzzle with circular sling
  3. ■ Shaft release and line release made out of stainless steel
  4. ■ Ergonomic handle mimics the shape used on the Viper Pro
  5. ■ Set up for Vertical Spiro reel
  6. ■ 7mm single barb SS tahitian shaft
  7. ■ S-power speed 16mm circular sling with Dyneema wishbone
  8. ■ Australian/New Zealand rigging, bungee with carabiner and sharkclip on handle
SKU: 423429

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