Mares Bandit




The Mares Bandit Speargun is a popular gun for beginner Spearos. Available in 5 different lengths, the lightweight aluminum barrel is easy to maneuver through the water yet still packs a punch. The comfortable, curved loading butt makes loading the gun simple and easy with the option to load on the chest or knee . Loading a spear gun isn't about strength, it's all about technique. The muzzle on the Bandit spear gun is a double muzzle so a second 16mm rubber can in fact be fitted to give more power to chase those larger fish. There is a safety catch on the handle of the gun that sits just above the trigger mechanism for quick and easy release.

Product Features

  1. Aluminium Barrel
  2. Double Muzzle
  3. 16mm Rubber
  4. Dyneema Bridle
  5. Gun Bungee
  6. 7mm Spear
  7. Single Flopper
  8. Sure Lock Safety
  9. Monofiliment Line
  10. Comfortable Loading Butt
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