Mares Bolt SLS BCD




Superbly comfortable, Streamlined and stable.

The Mares Bolt BCD is a comfortable wing style BCD with Mares new SLS (Slide Lock System) weight integration pockets and a Lumbar Support System. The Bolt has been made to be simple, light and comfortable for a travelling diver who doesn't want a bulky jacket style BC.

The bladder of the BCD only inflates behind you around your cylinder which holds you in a horizontal position in the water and holds your cylinder from twisting when you're in the water. 
Mares' Slide and Lock System uses a mechanical system that holds the pockets securely in place so the can only fall out when you pull the handle. The visual indicator on each pocket tells you if you've connected it properly.


Stable back buoyancy BC with 21kg lift (46 lbs)
Swivel shoulder buckles
Smart trim weight positioning
SLS weight system
Roll-down cargo pocket
Adjustable cummerbund
Travel friendly
Monoplate backpack
Weight approx. : 3.9kg

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