Mares Seal Skin 6mm: Mens




The latest addition in the Mares Neoprene range, is a revolution in cold water diving. The Seal Skin has been designed to maximise thermal insulation whilst offering superior comfort, practicality and versatility. the new Seal Skin will keep you toasty warm, made from top of the range 6mm, ultra-stretch Neoprene. 

The suit utilises Mares new S-Seal technology -  a special liquid coating that limits water exchange through the seam lines. Further enhanced by the S-Lock Zipper, which has water proof properties, Seal Skin offers unparalleled protection from the cold.

An extra long rear zip makes getting in and out of the Seal Skin easy and painless. An Additional zip at both ankle openings, as well as the use of Mares exclusive Glide skin technology to both wrist and ankle junctions, facilitate effortless donning and doffing. Added features such reinforced seams and Supratex coating to the knee areas ensure the suits resilience. Seal Skin also includes a hood, which can be fastened to the integrated leg buckle and D-Ring assembly when not in use.
Along side the practical features, this outstanding neoprene suit is sleek, modern and striking in design. The new blue and grey combo offers an elegant and contemporary edge to your diving kit.

Add the Mares Flexa Smart pocket for storage simply by attaching to the integrated Buckle & Velcro system.

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